How can DochertyHR help me?

Save you time - In the last 10 years employment law has moved away from the employer in favour of the employee. Employers can struggle to keep up to date with statutory obligations affecting their company and lose time that could be better spent on the development of the core business. 

Support your business with practical HR support and guidance - We can help you identify the key employee related issues facing your company and develop a practical plan to add value to the employee element of your business.

Policy Development – We can develop policies and procedures which will be relevant to your company and also match the style and culture of your business

Reduce risks of Employment Tribunals - We can help you reduce the potential risks of employee “issues” leading to an employment tribunal claim which can be costly and very time consuming.

Extra Pair of Hands – We can provide an independent pair of hands in employer/employee disagreements or act as a mediator.