HR Healthcheck

DochertyHR can provide an audit of all your HR policies and procedures to ensure they comply with the law. By the end of the Healthcheck, we will ensure your policies are legal, practical and user friendly.

Employment Contracts

DochertyHR can help develop a new or existing employment contract which is a legal requirement and is central to developing a strong and open relationship with your staff.

Creating an Employment Handbook

An employee handbook should be one of the first documents that a prospective new employee sees and will help set the tone of the relationship between him/her and the company.

Grievance & Discipline Procedures

However effective a leader you are, you can’t always prevent problems occurring in the workplace. It therefore makes good business sense to have transparent procedures for grievance and discipline.


Finding the right people for your company is critical but in our experience, many leaders dislike recruiting due to the time it can take to find the right person. We can help manage the process.

Providing “Mediator” support

Occasionally, the employer-employee relationship can break down for a multitude of reasons. We can act as a mediator or independent “pair of hands” to help get the relationship back on track.


If redundancies have to made in your workplace, DochertyHR can provide support in terms of developing a strategy that meets the legal requirements and also treats employees with respect and dignity.